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If you - or someone you know - are having thoughts about suicide, call 1.800.SUICIDE (784-2433). Calls are connected to a certified crisis center nearest the callerís location. Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Don't kid yourself. Major depression is everywhere. It is real. It happens everyday to hardworking, motivated, wonderful people. Kristin Brooks Rossell was one such person. She hung herself on April 7, 1998 after a battle with post-partumn depression. She was twenty-eight years old. We hope her story can inspire you to fight and take action today. You are not alone and there is hope. Please read her story and others who have suffered and survived. Print these experiences out and share them with your family and friends to help them understand how serious yet treatable this disease is. In 1997alone, 17.5 million women, men and children in the United States suffered from major depression, which annually cost the nation $44 billion. It is not something we can ignore.

We know the hardest thing is knowing how to start. We have made it simple. The most important thing to remember is to take action! First read "How To Heal Depression" by Harold Bloomfield & Peter McWilliams to understand that you are not alone and there is treatment, then click on the steps to the right to help you take action right now. Learn about the various treatment options available to you, including hormonal therapy as well as traditional medicine.
If you feel suicidal please locate a crisis center in your area right now by clicking here, they operate 24 hours a day and want to help you. If there is no Crisis Center in your area or do not get the help you need call 1-800-SUICIDE (800-784-2433). Remember that you are not alone and there is help, or visit our suicide page for additional information. If you are interested in additional information about depression, please call 1-877-495-0009 for a free booklet on depression and referrals to help in your area.

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